Winter is one of the trickiest times of year for motorists in the UK. Shorter days, gloomier skies, hazardous weather conditions and lower temperatures result in more problems on the road and car repairs being needed than at any other time of the year. To prepare for anything winter throws at us in Epsom, our expert mechanics have listed some of the most common causes of winter breakdowns and tips on how to avoid them, from getting pre-winter car servicing to checking your tyres before a long journey.


Top 5 Tips to Avoid Winter Car Problems


1. Check fluid levels

It is important to regularly check oil and anti-freeze levels to prevent engine problems and car repairs. Get into the habit of doing this once a month and before you set off on long journeys. If levels are low, refill them as soon as possible. This is also something that can be done by our mechanics during car servicing. Checking brake fluid is also beneficial, which can be found in a container near the engine oil.


2. Make sure your car has been serviced

If your vehicle is due a service, ideally organise car servicing before the winter months draw in. At our garage near Epsom, we see many vehicles coming in for car repairs that could have been prevented by regular servicing and maintenance. Important parts are checked during a service such as batteries, fluids are also topped up and oil changed, all of which are beneficial for preventing breakdowns.


3. Keep on top of tyre maintenance

Check the condition of your tyres regularly especially before long journeys. Car tyres become even more essential during the winter months and need have good grip to handle well in icy conditions. Inspect them for pressure and tread depth. The legal minimum for tread depth in Epsom and the rest of the UK is 1.6mm, but we recommend having a tread of at least 3mm for better grip in snow, rain or ice.


4. Make sure lights are working

Make sure your vehicle’s lights are working and keep them clean to ensure your car is clearly visible at all times. If a bulb goes or there is a problem with the lights and electrics, take your vehicle to a garage for inspecting. At our garage near Epsom, we can carry out diagnostics to find faults quickly and offer car repairs to ensure your vehicle is safe.


Reliable Car Servicing and Car Repairs


At Oakhill Garage in Ashtead, our qualified team of mechanics and technicians is fully equipped to perform car servicing and car repairs for motorists in Epsom and throughout the wider Surrey area. Established since 1978, we have the experience and expertise to work on all vehicle makes and models. Should you run into problems this winter or are looking to make preventative measures by getting your car serviced, we are here to help.

For more expert advice or to book a vehicle in for car servicing or car repairs, call Oakhill Garage today on 01372 277 725. We are ideally placed for motorists in Epsom.